Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Fan from Japan

I have come to report the developments in the growing fans’ club of Mr Boznik Yap. This latest report is about his followings from Japan. It happened during on our latest trip form Bacolod. After getting the hang of traveling by boat since he was two weeks old, Boz has learned the art of traveling without the hassles of seasickness. It was just like having a dancer for a nanny waltzing endlessly.

In this trip, he spent the first minutes looking past the window to the hustle – bustle of life at the port. He would turn his head to watch people carry themselves into the boat, passengers who like us are going back to Iloilo to attend to our regular lives and porters who strain their backs from the load of baggage and luggage of commuters for this one hour boat trip. After a while, Boz got bored and remembered that he was hungry, and so he grew restless and cranky. As a mother, you can read the signs early and start preparing before he has a chance to wail his heart out. And so he gobbled up his milk and disappeared to dreamland.

He awoke with the crashing of cars from Johnny English. And like after every good dream, he woke up with a smile. We were already near the port of Iloilo when he started to scan the environment for helpless victims to his charm. He then tilted his head to one side and saw a grandma sitting three seats away from us. Then the master started to work. He put his hand on his mouth, made eye contact with the old lady and gave out his irresistible smile. Voila! She was stunned. He repeated his routine on and on until the old lady abandoned all her senses and fell trap to his spell. Now she will be known as the old lady stunned on the boat.

After a while, he got bored, I guess, and he started working his powers on other subjects, the Japanese guys seated right behind us. That I didn’t know until later because I was already preparing our things for disembarking. When I stood up, I sensed a presence behind me and I saw this fifty-something Japanese guy already touching Boznik’s face. I smiled. Knowing my son’s powers I wasn’t surprised at his capacity to amass followers from everywhere. What I didn’t see coming was the events that followed.

Mr. Jappy (pronounced “Happy”) held Bozzy’s hand. And then he opened his arms as if to get Bozzy from me. Being the diva-baby, Boznik extended his arms to Mr. Jappy. Yes, they instantly bonded. Before I could even react Boznik was already with Mr. Jappy. He seemed too comfortable that he forgot about me. Mr. Jappy then patted his back and uttered the one syllable word that I did not instantly comprehend: “Ga?” Huh? Am I supposed to understand that? Was that a term of endearment or is he already saying something derogatory? Mr. Jappy’s friend must have sensed my predicament so he came to the rescue. Then I realized that the one syllable was actually the Japanese way of saying “girl”. All the Rs and no Ls. I should have thought of that. So, they were asking if Boznik was a girl or a boy. That must have been Mr. Jappy’s way of striking a conversation. I told Mr. Jappy then Bozzy was a “he” but I think they did not really care because the whole time, his eyes are on Boznik and he was patting his back and smiling at him. The diva-baby did nothing but be himself, putting his one hand into his mouth and drool falling over Jappy’s shoulder.

I would not have bothered except that people were already queuing to disembark and the diva-baby was still in the arms of Mr. Happy. Suddenly, I was engulfed with the strange idea that these Japanese guys are actually con men waiting for the opportunity to snatch an innocent for a hostage. So I tugged at Boznik’s cap (as if that will really make a difference should Mr. Jappy push me aside and run away with Boz) in an effort to keep my hand on Boz. Then without even thinking, I took Boznik from the arms of Mr. Jappy and edged my way out of the boat. Jappy and company were behind us while we file at the gangplank. But I was no longer worried. Seeing Mikey down at the gates with his big smile at the sight of his wife and son, I knew we will be safe. Mr. Jappy and company were fetched by some business like creatures and Boznik and I are back to our normal lives again.

Looking back, I can see the power of my son, the diva-baby to really catch the attention of innocent bystanders. Perhaps, it is the image of familiar people that makes him get their attention. Who can resist a baby’s smile when you are seeing in him your grandson, a nephew or a son that has outgrown you. Maybe, Mr. Jappy thought that he was a son of a Japanese considering his chinky eyes and white complexion. And that he saw in Boz someone dear to his heart. All it really takes is just one look and he must have been flooded with memories from a not so distant past.
Whatever compelling power allowed for events to happen as it is. Only one thing is sure - Boznik rules! And he is about to conquer the world.

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