Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Setting the Mood for Valentine's Day

well, well, well, how creative can you get in setting the mood for Valentine's day?

miki and i dined out and watched Underworld Revolution. that after almost two days of not talking to each other because of, guess what, the TV remote control! the usual thing, i was watching the channel of my choice and he wants to watch somethingelse. and since i was holding the remote, he pined and whined and eventually sulked in bed. when it was time for the goodnight kiss he didn't turn. instead, he muttered something like, he never gets to watch the show of his choice because most of the time the yaya and i are watching tv. either that or i wanted the tv remote to myself.

so so not true! and so so male thinking! i never get to watch the show of my choice after 10pm! (before that the yaya is watching the telenovelas of her choice while we, out of no choice, watch with her - a little treat we give her so she will be extra nice to boz). after that, he watches national geographic or solar sports or just about anything that catches his attention. while he is doing that, i read a book or do some home project. and this one time that i wanted to scan the television for good shows before going to bed, i ended up with a grudging husband, beat that!

and so in the morning, he continued with his im-not-talking-to-you disposition while i do my im-not-sorry-for-not-saying-im-sorry. went on quite okay for me after deciding to enjoy the weekend in bed with a good book. he went out to surf the internet, boz was with his granny playing, the yaya was doing laundry and i had the room all to myself.

when night came, the tv remote episode popped up again, this time, i was watching tv and he grabbed the remote. when he did, i got up and said in a rather bitchy tone that i am going to watch tv outside (in the sala) before someone accuse me of being selfish again. ouch! caused havoc in his brain. that was when the real war happened. no talking and no greeting each other. went to bed without the usual goodnight kiss.

the morning that followed was a monday so we didnt have to deal with seeing each other and confronting the situation. when we saw each after work. we didnt so much as talk until he just blurted out that he was going out to eat dinner with a friend. and that's just it, he didnt even bother ask me if i wanted to go with him. made my head tick and go into a revolution. he must have sensed it. and when i was about to go to the bathroom, he asked if i wanted to come. then i dropped on my well, creative bitchy lines again: "if you really wanted me to go with you, you should have asked me right when you proclaimed the news of your going out." now that was really all out war, like a battlecry of some sort, then i made a dramatic exit to the bathroom for special effect.

so the hubby was outside the bathroom trying to convince me to go with him while i vehemently said that i dont want to and that i was not hungry. i felt some kind of inner triumph but didnt really want to savor it because i knew i started a war and im not sure i could contain the situation. something tells me that a confrontation is up ahead.

and so, when i went out of the bathroom, everything happened just as i thought. there was confrontation, heated discussion about the remote control and the dinner with his friend. i wasnt able to win him over to my side on the issue of the remote control but certainly i struck a chord on the dinner thing. and so he left the room angry with his own version of graceful exit - banging the door.

i knew he wouldnt have initiated conversation after that but hmmm, let me just say that perhaps i was on the right side of things this time. the funny thing was, in his anger, he went out leaving his wallet behind. hahahahahahaha! talk about the little demon in me. and so he called to confirm if he really left it at home. after that i knew i had won.

in the morning of valentine's day, i woke him up with my one hundred and one kisses and asked him what was his plans for the day. that early, he told me he had none. ouch, i got my first heartbreaking experience for the day, kidding! didnt really affect me that much .

by noon, i went home for lunch and was really touched at the thought that he actually bought me chocolates for V-day! ow, it was so sweet . hmmm. that means he was not that angry anymore. and so it gave me a chance to asked him again of his plans for the evening. he told me that we were only going out if i were to say sorry for hurting his fellings. whaaaaaaaaaaat? as in duh! i was hurt too, you know, and i am not about to say sorry for something that was not solely my wrongdoing! i was a bit emotional this time, but i tried to compose myself and went back to work.

around 4 pm, i got a call from him telling me that we were dining out and watching a movie. and as a punishment for me for causing this emotional circus on a highly commercialized day, i was to pay for everything! hahahahahhahahaha! i dont mind. it will be a costly way of winning a war but then it will be over and victory is mine mine mine! all mine!

and so, we went to eat at Sbarro (bloated), went to the grocery to buy chichiria for the movies (i was bloated, but what can i do, my hubby was not!) then we watched Underworld Revolution. it was a good movie. after that, we went home forgetting all about the events that transpired days before.

until we went home and the remote control was there and the tv issue confronted us again. in retaliation, i watched movie in the sala, this time without any bitter words of sorts. then i went back to the room, watched the show that was one (his choice and apparently my choice too) and resumed my current reading on the side. then i felt sleepy, kissed him goodnight and left him in control of the tv remote.

today, we are okay. i dont know what will happen tonight. maybe i will watch in the sala again. or maybe he would decide to watch whatever i was watching. there is no certainty of what is to come, but i am pretty sure, i will find more creative means to get what i want again. i just hope i will have the necessary funds to win the war!

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