Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gracie and Me

Things are more manageable these days. My previous entry about our move to the new old house had apprehensions and tensions written all over it. Turns out that what we have been said about the situation that we were going into were mere opinions and interpretations of the real situation. For one, there is the issue about the housekeeper who, we were told was tamad and has no initiative. Ten days into the whole Sagasa experience, by far, I haven't had any complaints about her work ways. She forgets a thing or two, okay. But to say that she is tamad would be an overstatement, if not a half-truth. She wakes up at 5:00 am to wash the clothes, sweep the floor, prepare breakfast. What she does after I leave for work, I wouldn't know but as I see it, I go home to a habitable house and that for me is more than okay.

As usual, I did my usual investigative bonding to know her better over Sunday lunch. Here's 10 things I gathered from my interview:
  1. she's the 5th of 6 children. all four older than her are all married. parents still living.
  2. she's from cabatuan and graduated high school from cabatuan national high school.
  3. a sibling lives near la paz. one married someone from cagayan valley. the youngest is still studying.
  4. her boyfriend is working in a manokan in roxas.
  5. she's been working here for three years now.
  6. she was born on september. she's now 21 years old.
  7. she usualy goes home during town fiesta and holidays like Christmas and New Year.
  8. she's got no plans of marrying, yet.
  9. she's got Sunday afternoons off.
  10. she practically eats anything that is served on the table.
Boz has this peculiar expression everytime he sees her. Does he find her pretty or what? If things will go well, I think he will grow fond of her. Hope she does too. After all, Boz is likeable as he is.

She's not "the" ultimate housekeeper but she will do, as far as my needs are concerned. As to whether she will live up to my expectation is too soon to tell. But I'm pretty optimistic about it. *crossing my fingers*

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