Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Scary Weird

Yesteday, an officemate recounted her recent scary weird experience. It all happened last Saturday, 9th of December. While the clouds of Typhoon Seniang hovered above Bacolod and the gushing winds kept everyone inside. (Daw narration lang sa sine, hahhahahahaha!)

Tisha, not her real name, is living on her own in a small house she currently acquired through PAG-IBIG. Her property is at the far end of this subdivision, which was quite remote, if I may add. Not for Tish, I suppose. Trisikad drivers would always comment on why she had chosen that particular location which was dimly lighted at night. Anyways, tonight, like any other night, she is all home alone. And because it was windy outside, she decided to sleep early. While finishing up with her evening rituals, she remembered that she was not able to close one of her windows (I forgot to as which window, but I presume it's on her living room). So she decided to go and check it out. That is when she saw a hand reaching inside to pick up her bag. She opened the lights in the hope to scare the perpetrator, but he did not leave. This is when Tish got really scared. She started to cry in fear and texted everyone who mattered - a colleague, a relative and an army friend. When they called they could not hardly make out what she was saying because she was already emotional and all.

It's a good thing that her uncle got to her property. Then he spotted the guy who took the bag and tried to talk him out of the property. Later, her army friend along with a battalion of his mean (hehehehhe, i'm just exaggeratling, of course) could be heard yelling her name from the street. They've never been to her place before as she never wanted to invite them but that night, even without her consent, they were able to locate her house and became her much needed guests.

The guy was gone by the time the army settled into her house. Tish might have recounted to the his army friend what happened. For the purpose of this story, let's call him Jess (actually, I don't know his name). Jess told Tish that they should go to the nearest Bac-Up station to report the incident. And so they went, leaving the army battalion (still and exaggeration) to secure her property in her absence.

So they went to the Bac-Up station and have the incident recorded. She was able to ID the burglar as one of the workers of the contractor working on her house! And she reported the item that was lost - a bag. Actually an ukay-ukay bag! After that, they went back to her place. And she was touched at what she come home to - a spick-and-span house all clean inside and out. The army was ordered to clean the house in her absence which they did in the best of their capacity. They could however only apologize for the flies which they would have wanted to eradicate but to no avail.

The night had been long for Tish. And even with stations army soldiers at her place, she was without sleep. Typhoon Seniang was hovering over her house adding to her horror and trauma. She asked the guard to come inside to escape the heavy rains. It wasn't long until morning came and the unexpected happened. The burglar showed at her doorstep with the stolen bag to apologize. Get that!

The army soldiers, didn't hear him coming to property but Tish, even with the lack of sleep felt his presence. Tish might have reported the developments of the case to Jess and he suggested that the burglar must be picked up and brought to the Bac-Up station as part of the protocol.

At the station, Tish witnessed first hand the so-called police brutality. The police on duty kicked and boxed the burglar and they only stop when Tish pleaded for them to stop since with the guy already in pain. The irony of it all it that, the bag which was recovered from the burglar and brought to the police station as material evidence went missing! As in! (So who' s the burglar now?)

How weird is all that, huh? A guy who decided to rob and decides otherwise, returns the bag, apologizes. A woman in trauma, asking the police to stop maltreating the burglar. A stolen bag brought to the police station as material evidence becomes missing after a while.

Three days after the incident, Tish is still in trauma. The wife of the burglar showed up at her house asking she forgive the burglar and still allow him to work on his house in consideration of their 6 children, the youngest being 6 months old. But of course, she couldn't do that! In fact, she is asking him to sign an agreement that he will never have to be seen in her property ever.

Too much weirdness there. So I stop.

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