Thursday, July 05, 2007

Benjo Mangayo ko Kwarta

English Translation: Benjo, Give me Money

A lawyer friend shared with the hubby this you-tube video done by, obviously, an Ilonggo. Reminds me of those times when you find yourself watching a foreign film and in your boredom you start dubbing the movie in a more interesting tone. Or that junk food commercial where two guys try to make something out of the actions of the ladies at a nearby table. Gawain ng walang magawa sa buhay. LOL! If you enjoyed that brand of past time, you will find this video to your amusement. It's been a while since I laughed my heart out while watching a movie. I sure did enjoy this one.

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  1. Laugh trip, LOLz!

  2. tawa ba. Ako lg di isa sa office ang nagapaurok-urok kadlaw kay ako mn lg makaintiende. Teh daw buang ko di gali nga patay hirihi e.

  3. sikat sikat na gid ya si talibong1. damo lang gd madumduman ang mga estudyante subong heheheh


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