Saturday, July 14, 2007

So I am Grateful

It's one of those few times in a year when I get swamped with work to do. Another assessment - the proverbial looking back at how the program has been implemented for the past six months of the year. Let me just say that I was not a bit excited about the whole preparation thing, although, I'd like to point out that this is by the first time that I organized one without so much as a trip to The Office for any query, comment or words of discouragement from the big boss. Well, you can attribute that to a lot of reasons, like, he's been busy or he's got better things to do or he just stopped caring about us. Whatever it is, I'd rather not know. Too much tension has been looming over the building and I wouldn't want to have a taste of it first hand.

So last week was all about preparing the presentations. While I buried myself in my computer, drowning everything with Akon's convict music. I isolated myself from office pressure. At times though, I get to overhear people talk and I end up absorbing some of their negative energy. But since I really don't have anything more to say about their concerns, I just go back to my work and finish what I had lined up to do.

The financial part of the presentations I was able to finish early with all the data already available from the finance dept. But for the work reports, I had to rely on the promptness of submissions to get a head start. Consolidation - my hatest job ever! I always end up with a headache each time. Before, it required migrating data into a prescribed format then checking and rechecking the breakdowns with the summaries. Before, I don't even reach the checking and rechecking anymore. I just migrate the data and submit the consolidated reports! Then after some time I would get calls from my coordinator asking me about the discrepancies, which obviously were never scrutinized at my level. Embarrassing! I learned my lesson and put an extra effort to ensure that all adds up.

And so I was overjoyed, when we were prescribed new reporting formats. I gave them to the staff with strict instructions on how to use it - just fill it up and don't change anything about the format. Well, I had to! As I was told to do the same by my coordinator. After one quarter into it, I was able to cut my consolidation time to 4 days. And this time, only two days! And already included the validation of figures! Well, I had to otherwise I would have nothing to report. LOL!

The day of the assessment, it was gloomy. There's been news of a storm coming and I was a bit concerned at the thought of our bosses flying in from Manila. I only got to stop worrying when I received a text message that they already landed and that they are heading to the office. When I reached the office, I made some last minute printing of documents and rushed upstairs.

And there I was, I was prepared! Suddenly, I was seeing my old self and what I liked about myself again. I saw able to look at people in the eye, the big boss in particular, and I was not afraid. Everything went the way I wanted it to - us, finally sitting down and address our financial concerns, the big boss going into the details and getting us to make commitments bordering on the impossible, I taking down notes and everybody not talking until the big boss left the room. I had it all played inside my head long before it actually happened. But despite the tension, I'd say that everything turned out okay. Somehow, the universe conspired to

So I am grateful. I somehow to find old self in the chaotic situation that I placed myself into. I was happy, despite the fact that I lost my voice again, after days of flu without proper rest. It felt great!

Words of Thanks
I thank the hubby for putting up with my using his laptop to finish the work that I had to bring home. Thanks for the cups of tea and the back rub. I'd like to thank my son for his ability to put himself to sleep without requiring any help. I'd like to thank the rain for stopping/ slowing down when it was time for me to go to the office. Thanks to the caterer who served great food at a very affordable price. Thanks to our cashier who brought tidings of financial gains which I never expected. Thanks to our clerk who did all the legwork to get the activity done without much trouble. I thanks all my colleagues who nurtured an environment of sharing without inhibitions. I thank management for guidance, which, I know was bordering on mockery but quite essential as it is. I thank the universe for conspiring to make all these happen to me. And I thank myself for being prepared to receive it all.

Life is still good, eh?

I kneel down to say my prayer.

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