Saturday, December 01, 2007

Consider it Sold!

"... so lovely to hold, but when you break it, consider it sold!" waaaaaaaaa! and it wasn't even my fault! I was standing next to a bracelet stand in one of my favorite thrift shops holding this black bangle with multi-colored dots when someone bumped into me and bham! it slipped through my hand and down to the floor. My eyes were on this violet polka dot bangle when I leaned over to pick it up. I got the shock of my life seeing the item actually broken into four jagged pieces. Unlucky for me, a saleslady was nearby. She took a good look at the broken bangle still inside a plastic wrapper and demanded that I pay for it. I was in an arguing mood so I told her I won't.

In the first place, I did not, out of my own carelessness, drop the item, I was bumped into. And whoever did, (I was too busy then so I didn't notice who) should be made liable for it. But that whoever was nowhere to be found and I was the last person in the scene of the crime, which makes me the murderer of the polka dot bangle. So unfair!

"Ma'am, bayran mo gd ni, kay kung indi ibuhin gid ni ya sa akon sweldo." (Ma'am, you have to pay for this, otherwise it will be charged against my pay) ~ already teary-eyed

"Indi ko gani. Kaya ko man na bayran a, galing indi man ako ya ang rason nga-a nabuka ina, nabunggu-an man lang ko, daw indi man na guro tsakto nga pabayran mo na sa akon?" (I can afford to but I won't pay for that. It's not my fault that it's broken, I was bumped into. Don't you think it's unfair of you to make me pay for it under the circumstances?) ~ tskato man ininglish ko hehehehhe? At this point I was already giving her my mataray/ taas-kilay look.

She went to her supervisor, told her that I wasn't paying. The supervisor came to see our situation. She listened to my plight and I knew by the look of things, I was winning her over to my side. Saleslady was already stressed and I can see that she was already looking at a payslip less the breakage caused by the incident. At that moment, I decided to concede. My getting-off the hook might serve my interest but in this kind of situation, I would put to misery a minimum wage earner. But before I verbalized my thoughts, I made one lengthy speech:

Kasarang ko na magbayad, mabakal pa ko gani dugang, and indi ko lang gid ya gusto kay indi man akon sala na nahulog na siya kag nabuka. Wala ko man na ginpangayo na amo na ang matabo. Sa dason, kung amo ni gani nga mga breakable ang mga items niyo, indi niyo pagbutang sa alagyan sang damo na tawo kay pirme ka lang gid makakita ingkwentro kung mabuk-an ikaw sang imo na items....(dramatic pause... pa-epek ba!) Te, indi gid ko tani ya magbayad galing daw mahibi ka na ho, Christmas ko na lang na sa imo.

At that moment, she was relieved. And since, in my arrogance, I told her that I will buy an additional bangle, I picked out the violet polka dot item which was already in my hand. I could see her eyes follow me from the stand to the counter, making sure that I really paid for the broken item. The counter lady looked surprised to see the broken item, more surprised that I was paying for it. Might I have been the first to do that? Damn! Pero sige lang a, sa kadamo sang nabuka/guba ko nga mga items sa mga istante sa bilog ko nga kabuhi, subong pa man lang ako ginpabayad. My bad deeds has caught up with me after all! Hehehe.

Here's a picture of the broken bangle after it received the superglue treatment (thanks to hubby). Of course it's back in shape and it will stay that way unless I try to fit my big hand into it. LOL!

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