Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Perfect for M

We engaged a 26-year old lady (M) to talk about the state of her heart. Here's her story:
  1. She's been set-up to go out on a date with this guy whose into seafaring.
  2. On their first date, they went to Jollibee. She ordered an ice craze. The guy gave him an "are you sure?" look (she's not the slim and slender type, that's why) and ordered a burger for her in case she changes her mind.
  3. Guy asks if he could take her picture. Girl says that she's not comfortable having her picture taken solo. So they squeezed in and had their picture taken using his cellphone camera.
  4. Day after, the guy's mother died.
  5. Their next meeting would have been on a binyag where they were both asked to stand as godparents.
  6. The guy didn't make it; he recently underwent an operation. It bled so he sought medical help for it. Girl already thinks she's a jinx.
  7. They guy's brother came to the binyag to stand in for him, let a little too many info out and led the crowd to cheer on the budding relationship between the guy and the girl (the guy's laptop had the girl's photo as wallpaper, and the brother willingly wanted to be her bro-in-law).
  8. But there was no second date. And the text messages came few and far in between. The last came the night before the interview and M felt that the guy was just compelled to text her so she told him not to if he's busy.
  9. And he said he was busy.
  10. Sayang, M really liked him, and in M's words: "He's not really good looking but he's just perfect for me."
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