Monday, June 09, 2008

First Bloom

Okra, cut into three parts, soaked in drinking water overnight, causes its juices (that slimy thing) to come out. Okra juice, the resulting mixture, is drank in the morning and is said to lower blood sugar levels and helps burn fats easily which also makes it ideal for slimming/ toning.

I don't the medical explanation for it. But from experience, the hubby's blood sugar level dropped from 220 (already with maintenance meds) to 160 (meds + okra juice) ever since he started the okra treatment!

And so we started our own okra garden and had our first bloom today.


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    aba, favorite ko na bla ang okra isampaw sa bag-o na luto nga tinig-ang. tapos, isawsaw sa patis nga may sinamak. namets!

  2. same same! daw amo gd ang sampat na pamahaw sa aga!


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