Friday, August 01, 2008

Kape Musang: DSB as Kopi Luwak: Indonesia

"The Luwak (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) denizen of the coffee (kopi) plantations of Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi, eats only the ripest coffee cherries.

Unable to digest the coffee beans, the Luwak graciously deposits them on the jungle floor where they are eagerly collected by the locals.

The stomach acids and enzymatic action involved in this unique fermentation process produces the beans for the world’s rarest coffee beverage." - Raven's Brew Coffee, Inc.

Wohooo! we didn't have to pay a premium price to sample this rare coffee, we actually had it for FREE! Turns out, the relatives we visited in Don Salvador Benedicto grow coffee and had sightings of the musang (which they locally refer to as a wild cat but is actually a civet). When they learned about Kopi Luwak and Kape Alamid (the Philippine version), they knew they were in for a treat! They call their local brew Kape Tae, which really, isn't all that appealing. I hope they change their mind about it and call it Kape Musang when they start selling their brew commercially.

Our host didn't think we were up to the challenge so they just brewed enough for six cups. The hubby and I had to wait a little while for our coffee to be served. When it came, it was simmering hot hot hot! They ran out of non-dairy creamer so we had to take it black just as it should be.

By occular inspection, I noticed a thin sebo-like layer on my cup of coffee. Must be natural oils or something (or so I hope LOL!). I'm no coffee connoiseur so I'm trying to explain this based on my personal, non-professional opinion. The taste? indescribable but the coffee experience was heavenly, according to the hubby. What with the cold weather and the sumptuous buffet of lutong-bahay we feasted just a few minutes passed. Me, I found it rather interesting! The coffee was so dark you'd think it would either have a burnt flavor or bitter taste. Surprisingly, it tasted just... I guess I'd have to agree with the hubby - indescribable but the coffee experience was indeed heavenly.

I would have wanted to ask if I could have some beans to take home with me but I chickened out right after I thought about it. Baka masanay tayo, eh, mahirap na, LOL!

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