Sunday, September 14, 2008

FVW 303

I will remember this license plate for as long as I can and the driver of the Molo Baluarte jeep whose face I saw from its side mirror. I won't forget what you did. Not when I almost fell to my knees when your jeep pushed me while you were backing. Of course I didn't see it happen, I was facing the opposite direction awaiting my turn to cross the street! It didn't hurt, really, but I felt my innards churn from the impact. I felt numb for a sec. And when our eyes met, there wasn't remorse nor guilt in your eyes. You just moved out as if nothing happened.

I would have ran after you or call the attention of the traffic enforcer 10 meters away but I was too stupefied to do any of that. I just stood there see you go. Damn!

Sige lang, as my folks put it, wala na subong gaba, merese na lang!

I will let fate deal with you and your minions. You'll get a dose of your own medicine! You'll see!

photocredit: gem


  1. You are not alone! My brother and I experienced almost being run over by a speeding Cimarron jeepney. I called up our local LTO office, and I was advised to come over and file a report. Huh?

    In the mean time the maniac driver is still probably loose in the streets!

  2. ang officemate ko sang una nagsulat complaint sa lto, gintawgan sya nila kag ginbatayan nila ang jeep. te tarung man gle si manong driver.

  3. i guess i was just too stunned to do that when it happened! but im okay now, no more curses there! sige lang, makita ko na sya, bugnuhon ko gd bala sang manami nami na smile hehehe.


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