Saturday, February 07, 2009

Watch Rin on the Rox

Two Filipinas are getting the buzz in the internet these days. Erin and Roxanne from Soul City, California. They're BFFs whose preoccupation include working in a Chinese restaurant, studying and singing whenever they can. For kinks, they sing in the bathroom. It's the acoustics, they said, and why not, everybody does sing in the shower. Or is it just me?

Three months ago, they started to record their singing stints and uploaded it on youtube. Lo and behold! their rendition of Beyonce's "if I were a boy" hit 2.5million views . And one of those viewers was Ellen Degeneres!

The duo guested on the Ellen Degeneres Show last February 03 and got a wonderful surprise from the host - tickets to the Grammy's! Wohooo!

Check out Rin on the Rox with their rendition of Shontelle's T-Shirt here!

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