Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Skye had a Plan

Standing in front of the gate, the two boys and the girl, Eman, Ejay and Skye, had their heads full of thoughts of the toys that they would play with once they make it inside the house.

But how? Skye had a plan.“Let’s ring the doorbell and dash inside. That way they won’t have a chance to shoo us out.” The boys agreed.

So they reached for the bell. Stretched their arms as far as they could. Jumped...Stretched and Jumped. But to no avail. The doorbell was too high for a kid’s reach.

What to do? Skye had a plan.“Piggyback! I go on your back and ring the bell.”The boys obeyed.

The boys docked. And Skye went up. The doorbell went teeeeeeeet!

Skye jumped down. And they waited for someone from the inside to open the gate.1…2…3… they all poised to dash inside.4…5…6…no one answered the door.

Why not? Skye thought, "They must have known it's us!"

What now? Skye had a plan.“We pick the lock!" The two boys looked at her, quizzically.

She scanned around and shouted, "Aha! A wooden stick! This will do the trick!” The two boys nodded. They shove the stick into the keyhole. Then they twisted it to turn until... oooops! it broke.

Skye gulped. The boys froze. “We had to get that out.” The boys hesitantly agreed with her. So they wriggled and they wiggled to get the stick out.

From afar, the nanny of the little boy who lives in the house, eyed the three kids huddled at the gate. "What are these kids up to this time?" she thought. And then she shouted, “What are you doing? What are you doing? Stay away from the door!”

The kids stopped...And Skye had a plan. "Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!"


The kids broke the lock. Good thing Superman was around. Else, we would have had to find a handyman to change the lock at 7 in the evening!

We never saw Skye again for another three days.

Eman, Ejay and Koy remain friends.

And Superman, my Superman, saved the day.

photo credit: Door Lock Originally uploaded by RayDS @Flickr. Door Lock Originally uploaded by RayDS

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