Saturday, June 20, 2009

Someday... I Just Know

When he saw her, he just knew - he'll marry her someday.

He will go to the US, where she is now. He will court her, she'll say yes and they will marry. He will build her a house, a robot house, one that transforms and can fly.

But for now, he's going to study very hard, especially math and science because he needs to be very good at it to be able to build his robot house. He pretty much has some ideas sketched up in his mind on how he would want it to look but he has to reinforce it with the fundamentals so that it's not only going to be about the design but the structure as well.

For now, he's not going to call her or send her email for he doesn't miss her yet. When he does, he will.

Whenever he's paired up with some pretty girl his age, he'd shy off and say that he already has a girlfriend. Her name is Charie, she's currently in the states and he's going to marry her someday.

So loyal and pure...

*digiscrap elements are by melany violette, angelica e. and carol abram.

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