Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Felicia's Pastry Cafe

By chance I was able to land at Lori Baltazar's Food Blog Dessert Comes First and learned about this dessert haven in Bacolod called Felicia's. She wrote about her trip to the place with so much gusto that she had me redoing my whole Saturday to-do-list to squeeze in a "gotta taste it to believe moment."

We came by the Cafe at around 11:30am, quite an odd time to stop by for desserts. The moment we stepped into the cafe, my eyes were transfixed into the rows of assorted mini-cakes and pielets - mocha caramel mousse, banoffee, sugarfree apple pielets, pandan mousse, chocolate cakes and more! Overwhelmed, I actually forgot all about the sans rival which Ms. Baltazar referred to as phenomenal. Instead, we ordered what we wanted to eat at that very instant - pecan pie for the hubby, cookies and cream cheesecake for Koy and a blueberry french macaroon for me. The hubby was satisfied with his choice as the pie wasn't as sweet as they had it in Calea. Koy liked the cheesecake too, but didn't care to finish it (he's not so fond of cakes). He traded his cake for a few bites of my blueberry macaroon, which he liked better especially because it turned his tongue blue.

After exchanging views about our desserts and engaging our food server in a little chitchat, we learned that the Felicia's has been around for a long time already known to many for its sweet creations such as the Turron de Pili, Almondettes and Almond Crunch. It was only in October 2008, however, that the Pastry Cafe came into operation carrying cakes and pastries which eventually has gathered a following among the locals.

Before we knew it, we've already wiped clean our forks and satisfied our cravings for sweets. So much for desserts-before-lunch. To cap our Felicia's experience we bought ensaymada (or was it bibingka?) for our afternoon snack.

I didn't fall in love with Felicia's at first sight, but I'm pretty sure I'd like to go back and have some of those sans rival!

To know more about Felicia's you view their Facebook page here >>>.

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