Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sino ang Presidente Mo?

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I asked several people to tell me who they are going to vote for president and they gave the following answers:

Subject #1: "Noynoy. kay ilo na sya kaluoy sa iya."
(Noynoy. I pity him because he's an orphan)

Subject #2: "Villar. gapanghatag sya gani balay sa Wowowee te matagaan ya man ko na guro"
(Villar. If he could give out houses in Wowowee, I think he could also give me one.)

Subject#3: "Gibo, gwapa asawa ya, mayo na gwapa aton first lady.'"
(Gibo, his wife is beautiful, we ought to have a beautiful first lady.)

Subject#4: "Si Tayo. Si Tayo bala, Kay Eddie Tayo."
(Tayo. You know, Eddie Tayo. - referring to Eddie Villanueva and his political ad : Kay Eddie Tayo)

Subject#5: "Erap e, may picture ko ya upod kay Erap pagkadto ya sang una sa amon."
(Erap, we have a picture taken together during his visit to our place.)

And that is just for their candidate for president.

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