Monday, May 10, 2010

Elections 2010

86 year-old lolo. Still strong and kicking, he said. Voting was not a problem for him at our precinct as teachers on duty were well prepared to assist PWDs and senior citizens. When I asked him who he voted for, he told me all about how life is different for him now. How he used to think of the here and now. And how he's now looking forward to things above. (Now where did that come from?)Is this the queue to the "Mahangin ba sa labas?" commercial? Or we're just waiting for our turn to shoot hoops? More people came at around 11:00am. Overheard: A 60-something guy couldn't find his name on the list of voters after religiously voting in the same precinct since time immemorial . Ms. PPCRV asked him to go to the COMELEC office to file a complaint. What the.....

Written on the board is a Voters' guide to shading. I wonder if people even noticed it was there.

Back on the other side of the school a throng of people lined up outside more polling stations. Bleh, tapos na kami ya :P

On our way out, I took pictures of ambulant vendors outside the school premises offering refreshments for voters and chaperones alike. There is this manong selling ice scramble and manong chicken skin behind him. In fairness, may K si manong ice scramble ha, Coleman ang ice chest! at pa read read lang ng newspaper while waiting for customers!

There were also others who, by the looks of it, have been occupying this spot during regular school days. Buti na lang may elections, magkakaroon na ng movement sa inventory ko.

Miki and his vote.

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