Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gulong ng Palad

Gulong ng Palad
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Just when everybody thought the 2010 elections was boring, the following happened:

1. Lito Atienza (who lost the mayoralty race against Alfredo Lim) cried that someone offered him a way to a sure election win via high tech dagdag-bawas for a price of 70 million pesos. As in 70 million pesos? He didn't say he couldn't afford it so I guess he could if he wanted to.

2. The whistle-blower named Robin came out to expose that he has info on how the election results was defrauded. He said that the ABS-CBN interview was to be his first and last and he will not appear to any investigation body for further interrogation fear for his life and his family's. So why do the deal and blow the deal in the first place?

3. Smartmatic explains why some transmitted returns were dated April 28, May 8 and May 9. It's just a computer's clock problem, they say. Believe it? or Not?

The election was boring, indeed. But the plot thickens for post-election drama!

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