Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is your favorite color?

I was playing 20 questions with Koy this morning and I asked him about his favorites. He gave me the usual answers:
  • favorite person in the world - Mama and Papa
  • most favorite cartoon character - Optimus Prime
  • least favorite cartoon character - Catman
  • most favorite cartoon hero - Crimson Chin
  • favorite breakfast food - N-Rich Noodles
  • favorite lunch food - Molo Balls
  • favorite dinner food - Pork
  • favorite color - cerulean


I wasn't aware that there is even a cerulean until The Devil Wears Prada. But my 6 year-old son tells me it's his favorite color. Cool kind of blue, he says.

My son, you never cease to amaze me.


Cerulean on the Web

  • Crayola issued cerulean in 1990
  • HEX Code: #1DACD6
  • RGB: (29, 172, 214)

It's a cobalt stannate which was introduce as a pigment in the 1860s. Very stable and lightfast greenish blue with limited hiding power. Cerulean blue has a fairly true blue (not greenish or purplish) but it doesn't have the opacity or richness of cobalt blue. It was not recommended for use in watercolor painting because of chalkiness in washes. In oil, it was particularly valuable to landscape painters for skies.

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