Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pilipinas, Tara Na! v.1

They've released the version 1 of Pilipinas, Tara Na!, the updated version of the promotional song and music video entitled "Wow Philippines, Byahe Tayo". The original was launched in 2003 by the Department of Tourism as part of its campaign to encourage domestic tourism and spread the word about the country's beautiful destinations. Byahe Tayo featured 21 artists including big names in the Philippine music industry like Ms. Lea Salonga and Ms. Sharon Cuneta. The updated versions (they will release 3) are being put together by Prescriptions PR (also the team behind the original) and Smart Communications to feature 57 Pinoy music artists and entertainment personalities.

Roxie Says:
Version 1 retains most of the interesting lyrics of the original and incorporated new attractions as well. It brings to light local industries such as weaving and wood carving. It also showcases local products like abaca from Bicol, pearls from Sulu and delicacies from all over the country. I tried to watch it a couple of times. I wanted to check if the Version 1 had the same effect on me as the original. I'm very familiar with the original even in my sleep as it has accompanied me in all of my trips top and from Bacolod via the Ocean Jet Fastcrafts (if I hadn't know better, I'd say it was Ocean Jet's official jingle too!). The impact on me of Version 1 is not quite the same as the original. There were this elements in the original that leaves me this sense of Pinoy pride and yearning for all the things that I still need to experience in my country everytime I watched it: the forcefulness of Kiko Magalona's brand of rap, Jolina, Janno, Ogie and the Apo's rapport with the camera, April Boy's masa appeal and the zooming out on world class talent Ms. Lea Salonga. I also liked that at one glance you get to see all the artists who collaborated for the projects in the last few frames of the video. It was like a show of force and commitment which I find very captivating. But that's just me.

Nonetheless, I am happy that they are making these new versions. It just shows how effective the original was! The voices of new talents and performing artists will make the song more contemporary and more appealing to today's listener and revitalize the agency's campaign. I hope that the two other versions will have more elements not seen in the original and V1!

Check out the original version and tell me what you think of the new one!

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