Friday, September 30, 2011

Support Juan Time

From the Philippine Star Editorial - About Time
Tardiness is not just an act of discourtesy but also inefficient time management.
The Department of Science and Technology will launch today Project Juan Time, which aims to synchronize all time pieces with the Philippine Standard Time (PST) and therefore adopting one time (or as the project suggests, Juan Time) within the country. The new time campaign seeks to reinstill the value of time among Filipinos by breaking free from the common habit of always being late for appointments.

From the DOST Press Release:

“PST, the country’s official time, sets only one common time in the archipelago’s more than 7,100 islands,” DOST Sec. Mario Montejo says. “Juan Time reminds Filipinos that keeping to the PST avoids the difficulties of having confusing, unsynchronized time.”

“With Juan Time, Filipino time will come to mean ‘on time’ and no longer late,” Montejo added.

Support Juan Time and be punctual in all your appointments!

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