Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Health Benefits of Cucumber Juice

It pays to be healthy these days. And so whenever I can, I would go the extra mile and incorporate some healthier food and drinks into our daily diet. Recently, we tried cucumber juice as our refreshment of choice. Since we do not have an electric juicer, I had to do everything by hand. I peeled the cucumber, took out the seeds and grated it. Then I place it on a cheesecloth and pressed it to extract the liquid from the pulp. For 2 medium-sized cucumber, one can get 200 ml of juice.  My husband likes to drink his cucumber juice as is. But if you want to be whimsical about it, you can add a sprig of mint and some honey into it.

Here are some of the known benefits of cucumber juice:
·         helps regulate blood pressure
·         regulates cholesterol levels
·         improves bowel movement
·         prevents splitting of nails
·         remedy for gout and eczema
·         promotes smooth blood circulation
·         relaxes nerves and muscles

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