Wednesday, August 16, 2006

2 Minutes Too Late


4 April 2006

I had the weirdest dream last night. It was some sort of an Amazing Race meet Encantadia kind of dream. Funny how the mind can conjure such from ones memory bank. Can our dreams tell our personality?

We were in Bacolod this weekend, saw some relatives and fetched my son. As early as now, he has already shown his eccentricities – laughs excessively, very good at entertaining guests, easily bored, finds it difficult to stay in one place, does things at will. And the latest addition to the list, has a preference for aircon rooms.

I was late yesterday! As in two minutes late! Beat that! Coming from Bacolod always makes me groggy and yesterday was no exception. I was happy actually that my training sched falls on a Monday, then I wouldn’t have rush from the pier to the office just to beat the 8:00 am time in. And today was no exception. We made it home at around 8:00 am and I still had time to eat breakfast.

Obviously, I was late for my class. I arrived at the venue at around 9:00 and the class was already in session. We were supposed to try our hand with the assembly of the CPU but power went out and so our instructor sent us home early.

Coming back to the office, I still had time to do some stuff before going home for lunch. I hate it when I lack sleep. I was like walking oblivious to what was around me. It was like being in this state of time lag. Such moments pushes me to eat more as if the additional nourishment will take away the grogginess I feel.

Unlike any other Monday, I did the unthinkable. I slept after eating! Boz was asleep, the nanny was asleep, I asked Miki to wake me up 10 minutes to one. In his groggy state, he fell asleep too. And if Boz hadn’t moved, his hand landing on my face, I would have slept my way till two. I hurried to the office thinking that I still had ten minutes more to spare only to learn that I was already two minutes late! Beat that! Our wall clock was not telling the right time and I left my watch in the office. What are the odds!

Two minutes. If I hadn’t stopped to powder my face and combed my hair. If I hadn’t talked to Miki. Better yet, if I hadn’t slept at all, I wouldn’t have had a two minute episode. But I wasn’t thinking, and that’s the best excuse ever!

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