Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Beginnings


8 April 2006

Went out with Dennis, Notchka and Ellen last Thursday night. Didn’t tag miki along so we could save money. Decision proved quite right after I had to pay the bill of P200.00 for a plate of Seafood Marinara and Coco Bahamas smoothie at Blue Jays.

Things are different now. Whereas before, we talk about our assignments and projects, now we talk about our individual challenges in life. And I found out that there is really nothing much to say about mine. They are so accomplished in their professions that I can’t help but gape at how my friends have matured and deal with the serious stuff of life while I am trying to live my own. I didn’t feel a bit insecure. But it made me reassess my status in life. Where I am going vis-à-vis where I wanted to be years ago.

I believe in Pablo Coelho’s The Alchemist, that who we are have been predetermined but the journey towards that fated condition does not come easy for some. I believe that something big is in store for me. That everything I do is preparing me so as not to overwhelm me of the challenges that lie ahead. It will be a long wait I suppose. That is why I am learning everything that I can so I could move on. It will be a long journey. Hope it is worth the wait.

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