Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Let Go, Don't Look Back


1 August 2006

Talk about relationships and all that matters between you and your partner. I have been married for nearly three years now, in a relationship for eleven and despite all the love that I get from my partner, I still find myself longing for that something from someone out there. To be with that someone with whom I can connect and enjoy an easy conversation.

I remember those nights well and everything that transpired, the wind blowing, stars above and the tales that needed to be told. I remember not keeping track of time, of the world going into a morph with nothing else that matters but the moment. I remember it all.

It was not a one time thing, and somehow now I try to question myself why. When it was supposed to just die a natural death quietly as it came.

I have decided to let it go but I haven’t completely turned my back on it. Not yet, at least in the hope for answers, but then I guess, there is none. It’s just life taking its natural course.

It has to be over now. Stop looking back.

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