Thursday, February 01, 2007

In Exigency of Service

Lea, my former supervisor was detailed to one of our provincial offices due to, as they call it in government, in exigency of service. The call came at a rather timely manner as she just came from a seminar/ workshop on graft and corruption and how it persists in government. The arrangement for her new assignment would be that she would hold the post for six months. It was a tall order on her part considering that the new assignment is in Bacolod and she is very much from Iloilo. Taller even because her husband was the sickly type, two boys in college, a father who's got Alzheimer's and basically a family that depended on her presence. But she said yes because of, well, in exigency of service.

And so Lea said yes and took on the assignment. Another colleague, also a close friend, was to go with her as reinforcement to the provincial workforce and, well, as a come-on to the offer maybe. Things were difficult at home but work was better for her. She's in lesser pressure, she was talking more to her staff, and she was basically in a healthy working environment!

Come the end of the 6 months, she was asked to stay for another six. Family matters took a swift turn with her husband finally deciding to retire early due to his medical condition, her son had to go home from Manila from a call center job, also due to medical reasons, her mother suddenly died leaving her father to the care of his children. In all these developments, she was using up her leave credits and becoming tardy for work. But she still did it, in exigency of service.

Nearing the end of her second term, they found out that her husband was losing his kidney and needed a new one. He's had two major operations (heart bypass and angioplasty) since their marriage and he's been living with many other illnesses so far. In fact, the kidney condition is an effect for his tuberculosis treatment. Because of this, Lea decided to write our director a letter of intent to return to her official station so she can attend to her sick husband and resume normal family life. The director was mum. The New Year started. And Lea is to serve another six months in the province.

Now her husband is in the hospital. He's got the driver taking care of his needs in the morning and his son at night. And all this has to happen in exigency of service. Damn!

I just feel her sadness and helplessness. She loves her husband but she couldn't be with him 24/7 because she's got to be away 4 days a week. And she has to spend her nights dreaming of happy things so she doesn't have to look gloomy in the mornings with her eye-bags sagging and all.

I am angry at the insensitivity of some people who brought this fate to her. She took the job that nobody else would have wanted and now that she wants off, she can't.

But there is really nothing that can be done at the moment but to wait, wait for the coming of the end of 6 months and the chance to reappeal her case. Waiting for the crying to stop. Waiting for the ill-fate to go away. All in exigency of service.


  1. Huh!
    I can fully relate to this. Nice post Rox.
    Just imagine me telling you my story with this: #$%^&*$@@#$%^&*%#@@@$#%%. :)

    Really. By the way,best regards to mike and boz. Yes I admit, I missed seeing all you guys back in college.

  2. gladita7:00 PM

    yes dear, it's so darn hopeless. it shows how much the management care for its people. sige lang kay kun manukot ang ginu-o gaba kag marisi gid na ila matilawan. those "demonic" creatures will someday feel the wrath of god. have you heard them talk about god as if sila lang matarong? how hypocrite! (daw akig gid ko no? hehehe)

  3. @glady: correct! la-in gid ya bu-ot ko. anhon ta na galing kay asta lang ta sa pautwas, hehehehhehe.

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  6. angela11:30 PM

    The law gives Lea a remedy. Question the movement with the NLRC (private employee) or the CSC (government employee).

  7. Hello Angela, Lea got her post back after more than three years. I had the opportunity of working under her for two more years before I left the service.


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