Monday, February 26, 2007

While I was away

I just came back from a work-related trip to Manila and here are some of my notes along the way....

19 Feb

While Waiting for Johnnie

I met Sam, the dog
2 little girls clutching their teddys
2 guys in conversation about house construction
a pretty lady smiling while texting
finally, johnnie....

They Work, I Watch

I've been a missant wife and mom for a week all because of work - encoding and consolidating work and financial data for the region. Now, as I meet up with my colleagues from other regions I find out that I overdid myself. And as my roommates spend the rest of the night working on their reports, I found myself in front of the television, enjoying what shows I've missed during the past few weeks.

Life is good!

21 Feb


Running late but still waiting
why? I wonder
for what purpose
for what reason
know that my patience is wearing-off
and I'm savoring every bit of it.

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