Sunday, February 25, 2007

Memory Bank

I have been away from home for a week now and I have been the self that I was before I was married. Happy? yes, sir! The separation, as always, gave me time to do the things that motherhood has deprived me of. A woman needs to nurture her personal space once in a while.

Here are some vignettes of what I want to remember about this trip:
  1. First cultural tour of Manila. Nanaks had this great idea of us spending the Saturday touring the cultural spots of old Manila. So we went to the National Museum and on the way took pictures of old buildings, Lapu-Lapu's ass and more pictures of anonymous people busying themselves with their bonding moments.
  2. Jump Shots. Nanaks took a picture of me jumping, funny. She and Ray are trying to build-up their collection of jump shots to every place they've been. Hmmm, I think I want to start one of my own too.
  3. Mall of Asia. We went to the Mall of Asia. Nanaks told me that it is the 3rd largest in Asia, the first two being in China. It was like the City Center in Dubai. But since I didn't have shopping money, I really didn't feel like visiting the stores. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the ambiance.
  4. Bonding with colleagues. I learned so much about the scenarios in other regions, how directions are set and how much support they are getting from their superiors.
  5. Drink, sing and dance. I am not really a party animal but if there is anything that I enjoy most it is singing. That with a little wine and a few dance moves *giggles*.
  6. Gifts. Jim gave us roses, Ate Edit gave me chichacorn, Sei gave me a cellphone charm. Nice people.
  7. Dine out. Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Man Hann, Mannnang's, Wendy's. yum yum yum
Alas it is time to go home.

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