Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Walking Chronicles #1: Sight-seeing while Walking

I woke up early so I decided to go about with my walking routine (yudi ha! *giggles*). After a week, I’ve gotten the hang of it and pretty much enjoyed the morning breeze and the early morning activity in the plaza. There was the usual city cleaners tending the plants, some group of middle-aged guys who I presume are either from the PNP or from the army doing their morning jog and exercises. Manong Palaboy was already stretching out beside the table which served as his abode for the night. I missed Mr. Sleepyhead today, he’s the guy in tattered clothes who I always find sleeping by the alley of the used to be GSIS building. Hmmmmm, must have had a busy night last night.

There were the usual churchgoers who rush to catch the 6:00am mass. The PA system was rather loud this morning as I could hear the mass from the plaza. There was also this guy who I think was a former student of mine who usually pass by they plaza with his plastic bags of sangkap para sa lutong bahay (I think!). He was always quick to avoid eye-contact. Obviously, he didn’t want to be recognized.

Today, I saw this couple, the guy in muscle shirt and jogging gear and the lady in spaghetti tank, short shorts and slip-on sneakers which were so-so-not-for jogging. They are not regulars here at the plaza. The first time I passed by them, lady was doing her stretching while guy was jogging in place. During my next round, I pocketed my smile after seeing lady sitting comfortably on a bench watching guy jog in place while doing some quick jabs and punches ala Manny Pacquiao. So, that was what the extensive stretching was for!

At around 6:15am, I noticed a group of people already waiting in queue outside the NSO building. (Mental Note: Process Boz’s authenticated birth certificate.) By this time, I was already listening to the 5th song loaded in my MP3. Bamboo was literally shouting at my ears while verbalizing his cause in his latest single, Tatsulok. Which reminds me of a friend who expressed her disdain over the song’s theme. What the #@!! is he (Bamboo) trying to promote with this song? Anarchy? Well, I don’t like it either, I find the song bitin. It lacks what it takes to move someone to support his cause. Had it been a movie, I’d say it has a very superficial plot. Just not good enough for me. But then, I still downloaded the song and I still keep on listening to it. Don’t bother ask why because I myself don’t even know the answer. (Like I’ve told you a dozen times, I AM weird!)

7 songs and 10 rounds later, I decided to walk back home. The morning walk is doing me good, I guess. I’ve shaken-off my sleepy head and I have made a few mental notes of what to do for the day. I think I’ll do this again tomorrow.

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