Monday, April 09, 2007

One Day More

Yes, I know I am not the only one and definitely I won't be the last to have a say about this whole long weekend that passed. And as I embrace the eventuality that 11 hours and 31 minutes from now (and counting) I will have to go back to reality along with the rest of the country, I would like to recollect my thoughts and immortalize the holiday that was in my memoirs.

We (the hubby, me and Boz) never really got the chance to spend weekends at home as we were always moving from one house to another to quench the grandparents' longing to pamper the first apo in the family. The 4-day holiday afforded us the opportunity to stay put for once and enjoy the comforts (and pains) of just staying home. It was exhilaratingly fun to be doing everything on our own without the househelp and the nanny. It was just us: Miki, Boz, me and Miki's two aunts (old maids past their seventies).

A Few Firsts
For the first time, Miki and I went to the wet market together to buy food stuff. We took turns preparing the meals. But always, I was in charge of meriendas and washing the dishes. Hate soot! I don't mind washing the dishes but to actually clean the soot out of pots and pans, really a taxing job for me (considering my OC tendencies, hehehehehe!) But I didn't have any choice really. Can't leave it to the hubby. I know for a fact that I'd get it done better and faster than him (OC gid ya, hahahhahahaha!).

Entertaining Ourselves
The 4-day holiday also allowed me to catch up on the movies that I've missed and the TV series that had been waiting to be seen by me. Of course Boz had his usual TV time in the mornings, Nick Jr. of course. I actually had a chance to watch The Backyardigans (finally!) with him. Now I understand why my son likes it so much (and the hubby too, funny!). The characters are so cute: Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone, Austin and Tasha, like paper dolls or somethings. I didn't quite approve of the flow of the episode that we watched. They played pirates, hunted for treasure and when they found it, a really big diamond, they decided to bury it where they find it for the reason that they can't split it up. Bringing the treasure back to wherever and selling it was not an option because other pirates might now that they have it, hijack their ship or something and take it from them, And so they decided to just bury it again where they found it and labeled it with a different name. Huh? so so so so so uncool! I mean values, people, what values were you supposed to teach my son there? Oh well, it was enough to keep my son busy for a good 30 minutes so I really can't complain there... just venting out the little voices in my head hehehe. Boz also watched Cars the movie, as in so so many many times! Also Finding Nemo and Maisy and the usual Nick Jr. shows. As for us, we watched Lost and Gilmore Girls series and we were supposed to watch Las Vegas but the player couldn't read it so we just settled for Children of Men (left my head wringing, I mean the plot was okay but the way it was developed, well, never mind). We watched Wild Hogs. No, it's not an X-rated film, it's actually PG13 with John Travolta, Tim Allen, William H. Macy and Martin Lawrence doing some fun of themselves as middle-age bikers. We also watched Children of Men which really fell below my expectations for a good watch. During my free time, I watched Friends with Money and Elizabethtown. I'm the conversation-type and relationship-type of viewer and these two films didn't disappointment me a bit. I was also able to finish Harold Robbins' Piranhas which was just lying around the house. I guess, after reading a Mario Puzo mafia story, everything else pales off.

Fun Outdoors Too!
The holiday also allowed us, especially Miki to spend more quality time with Boz. We bought this pool from SM which we installed in our backyard. The sight of it in a box got everyone excited but after the fifth 15-gallon water container that Miki and I had to carry and pour into it, I had no more smiles to give. 8 containers and the pool was still half full. Never mind, our body mass would be enough to raise the level to three-fourths! hahhahahaha. I was right of course.

Thursday and Friday, we took a dip in the pool. Saturday we had to pass because of the rain and Sunday, we treated the water and put it to rest. We took a dip again this morning, just Boz and me. And tomorrow, the water in the pool will find its way in the plant boxes in the backyard. And the pool back inside its box to await another long weekend.

Reality Creeps
Sunday morning I planned on going out to buy the ingredients for my valenciana. It would actually be the first time in three days that I would be seeing other people other than my housemates and the neighbors who I see from our second floor window. Laughed a little when I realized that it's been a while since I last combed my hair, powdered my nose and picked up an outfit to wear for a trip out of the house! We left Boz at my in-laws and walked our way to the wet market making a stop at the ukay-ukay stalls. Miki got a silver tab Levi's jeans for only P350.00!!! Didn't see anything to my liking but I was also able to buy denim shorts for Boz. We went to the market, fetched our son and headed back to our sedentary abode.

After lunch, we took a nap, then merienda, then Miki cooked dinner, movie time, then... and then there is today! One more day and back to reality. The house help and the nanny were back by lunchtime. The family cook was also back so we didn't have to worry about lunch just in time with the trouble we were having with our fridge. Little by little, reality was creeping back into my system. Then we had to go out this afternoon for a birthday party that Boz was attending. We were human again, actually interacting with the rest of the world.

Holy Day Reflections
And now, as the day comes to a close, I say a prayer of thanks for the holiday that has been. I missed my usual visita iglesias, via crusis, du-ao and Easter Sunday mass this year. And I know I didn't do good in the spiritual reflection aspect of the whole Semanta Santa thing either. But just the same, I am grateful for the semblance of a real nuclear family, just us- Miki, Boz and me (the old ladies were there but not really there, if you know what I mean). It was an opportunity for discovering each other's strengths, testing each other's patience, loving, cuddling, living the good life. We were enjoying good family time. It's a start, really.

Last Thoughts
The 4-day holiday did us well. Another would just make us restless already so 4 is just a good number. Perhaps next Sunday, I could ask Miki to join me in hearing mass... perhaps next year he will join me not only in the visita iglesias but the whole Semana Santa activities as well. Baby steps... in time, all will be well.

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  1. hi roxie. happy easter to you and your family. yup, we're all back to reality, especially for working Moms like us. good to know you've had a wonderful vacation, may it be somehow tiring though.

    this is kinda out of topic but i tagged you in my entry on seven songs from the heart (pls see my entry on 05 April), i hope you can play along, no need to rush. :)


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