Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Pleasure of Being TAGGED

Thanks to Feng, I am enjoying the pleasure of writing about my current playlist. I have always been a song person and I have a song for every mood I have. You'll see so much of my personality in my songs of choice Here it goes:

1. Moon River composed by Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini. My all time favorite! It first got my attention when I was watching one of the season-enders of Sex in the City. They played the song during the parting scene (I think, or somewhere close, it’s been like more than 4 years, that’s why I’m not that sure) of Carrie and Mr. Big. Then he gave Carrie two airline tickets and he said something like “one is for you when you get lonely (so she can fly and see him)”… “the other one is for me when I get lonely.” Aaaaaws…. Melted my heart. The next time that it caught my attention was when it was used as a musical score in the Philippine screening of the Korean Telenovela Lovers in Paris (loved it too!). Since then, I have kept the song in my heart. It's so nostalgic and yet so calming to the ear. I always sing it to Boz to put him to sleep.

2. Somewhere over the Rainbow music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. Again, another classic. The song played during the rolling of the credits in the movie Meet Joe Black. I've seen a few other films which included it in its musical score. I love the guitar rendition the most. I have always played the song in my mind, always calms my thoughts.

3. I Offer My Life by Claire Cloninger and Don Moen. I have a confession to make: I always cry when I sing this song. It's my ultimate prayer actually, total submission and admission of my fallibility as a human being. Singing it humbles me down all the time. I’ve been schooled and raised a Catholic. But after college, I was practically on my own which is why every chance I have in professing my faith, I pour my heart into it.

4. La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf. I've been listening to Michael Buble lately and I accidentally downloaded this song both the instrumental and the one with the lyrics. I’ve heard it many times before especially Sundays when my dad would tune in to the classics on the radio. It's playful, that's what I like about it. When I feel jovial, I would sing and change the lyrics to wing… wing wing wing wing wing wing, wing wing wing wing wing wing… mimicking a violin string being strung. The lyrics are in French or something and since I don’t memorize it, I do my own interpretation of the song. Silly huh?

5. Biyahe Tayo! Lyrics by Rene Nieva. It’s the Department of Tourism jingle which was sang by various artists. Sharon was still slim in the video. She’s joined by the APO Hiking Society, Jessa Zaragoza, April Boy Regino and many others. We've been ferrying a lot between Bacolod and Iloilo ever since. And always, the boat played this song on board. Always wringing in my ears after every trip, in a good way though. Boz likes to watch the video and sing along with it. He makes me sing a lot of it too including the jingle for Nature’s Spring Water which is also being played on board. What a mom would do to indulge her son!

6. I'll Be Seeing You written by Sammy Fain, the lyrics by Irving Kahal. One of my more morbid choices really. Again from my Michael Buble collection. It’s my song for my dad actually. Although he is gone, he’s still very much alive to me. This song reminds me of our good ole days together.

7. I Love You You Love Me popular song by Gary Glitter. Yes, it's from the Barney Cartoon Show. I never really liked Barney until my son got hooked to it. Barney haunted us for quite sometime. Thank goodness Boz outgrew it and we’re now able to see something else on TV! But if there is something that we haven't outgrown it’s this song. Boz loves it and he asks me to sing it with him at times and he likes it when I hug him real real tight at the end of the song.

So there goes my 7. I’m tagging along my friends Alvie, Tintin, Shella and May to do the same!


  1. Hi Roxie! Was also tagged by Feng but I haven't had time to do it yet :D

    By the way, I had to delete your post at momexchange because the current month's topic is how our kids make us laugh... iba kasi ang concept ng momexchange, it's not us posting our latest blog posts. We write on a specific topic every month. Hope that's ok :)

    What I did was to to add your blog to our feed widget (check out the right side of momexchange for the latests posts from the members)

  2. wow, those songs are quite of different genres: classic, pop, nationalistic, kiddie.

    thanks for tagging along. i enjoyed reading your playlist

  3. @christianne - yaay! slipped my mind. thanks for the reminder!

    @feng - indeed! ang saya nga eh. thanks again for tagging me, i enjoyed it too!

  4. I was never a Carrie and Big fan, but that ticket part is one of the most romantic SATC lines for moi. (My all time The One for Carrie was Aidan. I hated her so much for cheating on him.)

    My all time fave oldie is Young at Heart. I have Buble's version but he can't quite spin magic the way Sinatra has for me. Love it so much it was played at our wedding.

    For Christian, mine is God Will Make a Way. Whenever I am in the slumps, I sing that to myself and miracles happen. It is also special because my brother, who died years ago, loved it too.

    Haha, goody Boz is over the Barney phase! Isaac is hooked on Nick Jr. shows so I get a lot of Dora, Backyardigans, Wonder Pets and even Lazy Town on LSS. :D

  5. Looks like 5 out of 7 of your choices are also my favorites!

    Moon River - melts my heart too!
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow - makes me hope of one true love
    I Offer My Life - makes me feel God's presence everytime I sing this one
    Byahe Tayo! - makes me feel proud to be Pinoy!
    I Love You - reminds me of the bonding moments with my kids


  6. @May - i was a Carrie-Aidan fan too, fyi: i was supposed to name boz Aidan Nicolas! the hubby never approved.LOL

    @Mars - it's good to know that you share my choice of music. some bunch of sentimental chicks!


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