Thursday, May 17, 2007

Making Amends

A co-worker apologized for cutting me off yesterday. it's been really hot and tense in the office with the BIG event coming. Though no damage has really been done, I admire her for owning her actions and making amends.

The BIG event is driving everyone crazy and it really does not help going to the big office and listening to a lot of ranting and be verbally abused. Then you get back to work feeling more stressed and harassed with very low self esteem. Everything withers. Not even the best pasta in town nor the sumptuous delights of the local deli could be enjoyed as it is.

I'm just glad I'll be relieved of the pressure even just for the day.


  1. Ouch. I heard the BIG event was intense but not this intense! Must be a lot of steeping over toes going on around there then... which means I am uber happy to be on this side of the fence.

    Don't worry, it'll work out. Eventually.

  2. Sorry bout the typo.. I meant planning for the BIG event...

  3. ay super to the max! HE just wants everything to be perfect so there's just way too much energy wasted on the nitty gritty details. geez!

    pray it doesn't rain ha?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Egad, I just noticed another typo! I meant 'stepping' ok? (boinks head). Just in case the grammar police are watching...

    I was gonna say something else, and although I didn't mean it in a bad way, the whole meaning (of what I was gonna say) could be taken in a whole different context, which in turn might get my as$ kicked to the curb (or fired, hehehe). But anyway...

    Right, HE just wants everything perfect. After all, HE is... ok, WE are the hosts so everyone must be dazzled! It all boils down to doing the best job you guys out front (and we here way back) possible! Good luck with all the planning and setting up. BIG event will work its magic, don't worry. :)


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