Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Dare Myself!

Technically, my contract will terminate at the end of the month, 30th of June. But with the memo from higher-ups requesting our bureau to retain all of us in the contractual position for another 6 months, we are in for an extension. Hmmmm….. what if I don’t want to renew my contract? What if I will just tell my supervisor that on the last working day of the month? What if I just don’t show up at work on July 2?

Crazy, huh? Not! This isn’t the first time that I thought about it. And just this afternoon I was actually thinking of it more. So I dare myself to leave! To start considering other careers! Go job-hunting! Try ko lang! And if I get lucky and get a nod before the end of the month, hmmm, we’ll see. *winks*


  1. gladita3:29 PM

    waaaah! this soon? i'm not yet that daring. hehehe...

  2. heheheh, pa buang buang lang :P

  3. good luck! but you see 6 month extension is not bad. why? you can still job hunt even if you are contracted. 6 months will pass by fast. think about it..

  4. @ sexymom - indeed! with the recent developments at work, i might just have to do that!


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