Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I've been "hero-fied"! I'm referring to Heroes the new tv series from NBC. I first knew about it from my good friend Naling who got hooked to it as early as February. I swear, I fell asleep watching one episode with her. That's just because I came from a three-day mind-cracking session during a seminar-workshop. When I got home, I told my hubby about it and he too got intrigued and proceeded to devoting some time to downloading the series from the net.

The copy's been with us for almost two months now and it's just this weekend that we really found the time to watch it. And then we were glued! It's only Tuesday today and I can't wait to watch the last 4 episodes of season 1!

So, what got me hooked?

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  1. omg! another one! my kids were also glued (imagine, marathon watching!), now they are re-watching, and sometimes i become out of place in the discussions. in between, i take a peek.

  2. you bet! it's been haunting me even in the office. it's a new angle naman kasi in the whole superhero-meet-mutants plot.


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