Friday, June 08, 2007


Been out of circulation for more than two weeks now. Work and Boz's been keeping me away from my daily blog time. I miss this, but I had to play employee and mother at the same time.

where was roxie...
  • field work, got busy for the BIG event which turned out okay, with a few glitches charged to our being all new to event organizing
  • had to cut my trip to the BIG event short due to some medical emergency at home. Boz was not eating, not taking any milk, down with fever and crying all the time. The hubby was already fearing the worse. the doctor was suspecting meningitis. hearing it, I decided to jump on the next bus ride home as soon as I was through with endorsements
  • when I went down the bus, I saw a very skinny Boz, so frail yet so happy to see me. (he lost 2 kilos in the 5 days that I was away!) melted my heart.
  • took Boz to the doc and found out that he had tonsillitis (Thank God it was not meningitis!). then we proceeded to giving him his meds and well, fatten him up.
  • Boz celebrated his birthday! (will post the pictures after i'm through with some tweaking *winks*) i wanted to have it at home and since i didn't get much hands to help, i was tired/happy when it was finally over.
  • Boz celebrated his birthday (again!) in Bacolod. my relatives from my mother's side of the family got to partake of the little handaan and the bus-shaped cake which I promised Boz i will make.
  • back to work, bored a little, shocked a little, busied a little... i'm still getting a hang of the events that passed
  • will be away again this weekend, family beach outing! yipppeeeee.
Busy days like these i don't mind. it's fun celebrating life and its many perks!

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