Friday, June 08, 2007

Can't Believe I Missed!

We've been too caught up with our efforts to attend to our ailing son (fever, gum sores, tonsillitis, to name a few of his maladies) that we, the hubby and I forgot about the very significance of the June 7th that passed! - The very day, twelve years ago, that I accepted hubby's offer of love and a lasting relationship.

Twelve years ago, I was starting my second year of college while the hubby enrolled on a second course just so we could spend more time together in campus. I remember very well the roses that came every monthsary, the greeting cards (one time, we picked the same card!), the dates (which for the most part require a lot of stomach development). I also remember the tears shed over petty quarrels and jealousy-denied-to-death moments. Life and love had been good to us. And so when it was time to move on to the next phase, the decision came spontaneously.

Twelve years into each other. The roses come far in between, more so the cards. But the silent conversations, agreeing to disagree, the respect that we have for each other's space and individuality, the element of surprise, all these and many more carried us on from year to the next.

And so it felt funny to have missed it. And to think we're not that old!

We officially celebrated our twelve years by taking a walk from home to the nearest store to buy Boz's school uniform. Holding hands, talking about the light drizzle, the good and bad decisions of the day. We talked about hopes of winning the lotto, Boz and what was for dinner. We held hands crossing the street and made our way back home. There was no sparks, only a deeper sense of contentment and peace. I was with my soulmate. No sugar coating needed.


  1. gladita5:09 PM

    ahay...sweet. :-)

  2. just trying to impress the hubby, who's also reading this post, LOL!

    i married my soulmate, i can't ask for more *winks*


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