Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Too Soon for Goodbye

I had an earlier post about daring myself not renew my contract and seek work elsewhere. And just as I had mustered the courage to finally submit my application to some prospects and seriously consider my aunt's offer to join her in Dubai, I got swamped at work! I had to make plans for an upcoming assessment, set-up a photo accomplishment exhibit and got invited to attend to some meetings. How so uncool is that?

Our HR officer also reminded me to process my recommendation for renewal lest my end of the month pay will not be processed. Then I go hwaaaaaat? First you deducted all my fixed deductions from my June 1-15 pay, now you're telling me that I won't get my salary on time? Aaaaargh! Too much!

So I did it! I sought my supervisor's recommendation and handed it in to HR! Now I am tied up for another six months. Another six months in contemplation. I am 7 months overdue from my 3-year work habit (never staying more than 3 years in a job). Still complaining, but never really caring to take the bold step. At least not yet.

One of our MIS staff is leaving! her resignation was finally accepted after a month of haggling and convincing otherwise. Jo's resignation will also come to effect with her not processing the renewal of her contract. People are inching away from this organization. Yet I'm here... Is it just too soon?


  1. roxie, maybe God has better plans for you. malay mo, the Office would have a biz mission to foreign countries in the coming months, tapos kasama ka. eh di enjoy diba?

    seriously, i wish you well. :)

  2. thanks for the encouragement, feng! i just get burn out at work these days.

  3. Since you, Feng and I work in the same, errr, company, I know what you mean by burn out. I feel I've been here far too long. Admittedly, I am rather afraid to take the bold step. So much for the sahm/wahm dream for now.

    On the MIS staff... yeah I heard it's finally happening! Oh, we are so crippled now... :P


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