Thursday, June 21, 2007

I ain't Sharing, not anymore!

The thing with local area networks is that it's a very convenient way of accessing and sharing files. And it is also the easiest way to get your files accessed and infected by common viruses and worms! Waaa! I am not computer savvy so the idea of having the AVG window popping up relentlessly informing of threats found on my computer. A worm has found its way to my shared documents in the network and has embedded itself in all my folders! And to think I am a folder freak! Waaaaaaaa!

MIS was busy so I had to find temporary solution to my problem. I disabled my pc connection from the network and started to remove the worm manually. Took me a whole half-day, three re-scans using AVG and a restart to make sure that my killing spree was successful! I'm glad it was! or so I hope. No more pop-up windows from AVG so far.

So I am not sharing anymore! I'm changing the setting of my files from shared to personal. If they want to access my files from somewhere, they will have to tell me personally. And if I want to access my files from another pc, well, there is always the flash disks to use. I will just have to live with the inconvenience for the time being. Until MIS finds a permanent solution to my problem.

Call me greedy but I ain't sharing!


  1. Aray ah! Let's hope your computer doesn't get into anymore trouble, just to make up for the little inconvenience of being detached from the network. :)

  2. gladita5:39 PM

    wahahaha...avg is lame. kabug-at pa sa system. i think lang ha. hehehe...ever since i used symantec anti-virus kag ad-watch se pro haven't experienced intrusion from the net.

  3. at least I was able to disinfect my pc! proud gid ko kay ako una nakapamatay sang lech na trojan. bwaahahhahahaha! back to normal naman tanan a.

    @glads - thanks for the tip, will consider it!


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