Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When is the Time to Let Go?

I've been thinking about losing Boz's nanny but I couldn't quite make up my mind about it. Boz is already 3 years old. We're sending him to school this June and minus the hatid-sundo-to-school problem, I see that I can very well cater to his needs, which is not really much anymore considering that he can now feed himself and no longer asks for dede during the day.

What really concerns me is that his nanny since he was 2 months old, is not the nurturing kind. She cares about my son yes, but a child needs more than caring, right? He also needs to grow in an environment conducive to learning. We've always seen how Boz was quick at learning shapes, colors and figures ever since he has 1 yr 6 months old. This encouraged the hubby and I to buy him more learning tools to further stimulate his interest to learn. But since I am working, I would leave the house with instructions to the nanny on what lessons to tackle for the day. And she would try to engage Boz into the learning mood. But as soon as he resists, she just drops the whole thing and give in to my son's plea for more TV time.

I don't really mind their watching Nick Jr. shows but I believe that learning should be guided and processed so the lessons are not lost. I would like to solicit advices re my dilemma before bringing the issue up with my hubby. Please share your thoughts and experiences. Many thanks!


  1. hi, am a stay at home mom with two kids. no nannies, no babysitters experiences. you're kid is only 3 years old, take it slowly. he needs more playtime, but who said that playtime doesnt involve learning, too? like playing with blocks or lego - they can build something and everytime boz chooses a block or lego, the nanny can tell him the color and the shape. a nice one would also be touch the color game -- let him run around and touch the color that you choose. or touch the shape, using the same rules. going out with him grocery shopping would also be a time to learn, by telling/asking him the color/shape of the apple, etc. let him play if he isnt in the mood to sit down and learn. good luck!!!

  2. thanks raqgold! i just felt so frustrated seeing them watch tv all the time, that's why.

  3. hay roxie, medyo pareho tayo ng concerns on the nannies of our kids. hay, hirap ano. but we had no other choice but to leave it all at blinded trust. i suggest, we supplement our kids na lang with our love and attention.

  4. very true feng! I make it a point that when I am at home, Boz feels my presence, quality bonding time, kung baga


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