Friday, July 20, 2007

One of the Four

It's Friday am I'm still sick. Work and the weather has taken its toll on my not so well-maintained health. I've been plagued with flu and sore throat for the past three weeks! It's like, I get well for three days, but the four days I get to spend in groggy disarray. And today is one of the four. I've been wishing for busy days at work and now I'm getting more than what I had wished for. Then there is the impending activities of the weekend, my Granny Lola's 85th birthday! I'm so full of excitement I could use up all my energy thinking about it. *giggles* And after the weekend, I'd have to be back at work again. I should have not wished for busier days... Or better yet, I should have kept my body in top shape before I wished for busier days! LOL! I'm sharing this photo from one of my travels to Numancia, Aklan. Ain't it great to spend a weekend in a place like this?

Oh well, just writing my thoughts before I start my day.


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