Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What's with the LBM?

I called in sick yesterday. Told the office that I had LBM, which was true, considering the many trips that I had to take to the toilet early yesterday morning. The weekend that passed I spent gorging on sumptuous delights from my aunt's kitchen and the many other dishes served during my granny's 85th birthday. Who wouldn't really? with all the lechon, cheesecakes, valenciana and many others. My condition had improved in the afternoon but I decided not to report to the office to use the time to care for my hubby who was also sick due to allergies. Like me, the disease was food-related. LOL!

This morning, while on my way to work, I was thinking of what else could LBM be? I mean, yeah, I didn't come to the office because of the real thing. But I could have played hero and worked in the afternoon which I chose not to. Other than work, there's really not much to look forward to. Staying at home liberated me from all the negative energy hovering around the building.

And then, I found my answer seconds before I placed my finger on the scanner - the LBM that caused me to absent from work was not only a physical but also an emotional thing. I had Lasting Boredom Malady, the kind that lingers long after I've flushed the last of the weekend's smörgåsbord out of my system. Sigh! what a life!

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