Monday, September 24, 2007

Project: Panubli-on Study

I have been dabbing my fingers on photoshop projects lately. Ms D asked me to execute her idea of what she would want the Panubli-on Promo Collaterals to be. Since the trade fair was to be in held in Bacolod in time for the Masskara Festival, she wanted to carry the theme in the poster. One side of the mask was transformed into combination of the best products of the region, while the other side into a burnt version of what was supposed to be a colorful mask from last year's festival photos. Ms D told me that ANP liked the blue and orange combi. They'll be improving on it before having it printed sometime within the week.

Here are the studies I prepared:


  1. great work of art! that's creative of you Roxie.

  2. thanks feng! they were very clear about what they wanted to I didn't have any problems working with it. i welcomed the task as it gave me an excuse to learn more about photoshop hehe.

  3. gladita4:06 PM

    tahum! i like the one with a white background. brings out the color of the mask and the pictures.

  4. idea na ni nang flor and ms d. yeah i liked that one too but they are opting for the blue and orange combi


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