Saturday, October 20, 2007

Three Ladies

The three ladies that my son has been "involved with" since he turned 2.6 y.o.:


Lady No. 1 is a cartoon character. She's a ballerina with big eyes (giggles). Boz likes to watch her dance all the time.

Lady No. 2 is all human... and pretty. She's in her early twenties, petite girl with long hair. Being around her makes Boz shy. I wonder why...

Lady No. 3 is an actress. Lovely girl with dimples. She's been on tv for two shows already. The first was a supporting role, a younger version of a lead character in the soap. But in this second one, she gets to play a bigger role as the, well, love interest of one of the lead characters in the soap.

Want to know more about Boz's ladies?

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