Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hummer Time!

Thanks to our MIS front (wo)man, we were able to avail of the Digital Graphics Production Training for our yearly staff development training! Sounds cool, huh? The objective of the training is to capacitate the staff in the preparation of promo collaterals and presentations through the wonders of Adobe Photoshop. I very much welcomed the idea for all my personal reasons. One, upon completion of the training, I get to receive a certificate which definitely makes a good inclusion in my resume and two, I get to improve on my crude Photoshop ways which I learned with the help of internet tutorials and expert-friend gladita.

The training was hands-on, everyone was seated in front of a pc loaded with the program, It was like being in a computer laboratory all over again. Our instructor, a practitioner in the field of advertising and programming, dealt with our questions and kakulitans all at the same time. I enjoyed watching my classmates explore their creativity (which I certainly lack LOL) while others took the tasks rather seriously.

For our outputs we were guided in the making of our own calling card, desktop wallpaper, PowerPoint template, CD cover, flyer, brochure and tarpaulin banner. All that we learned in just 5 days!

It was a productive time-out from our regular office work. Now we (pwede sila lang?) are expected to apply the skill in our line of work. Better collaterals and more attractive presentations. With time and a lot of practice, I'm sure most of the participants of the training will be able to exploit the benefits of the training. As for me, well, I have other plans.....

Btw, the film strip was one of the tricks we were taught during the training. This one I made on my own with Chikoy's favorite toys - the Hummers!

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