Monday, November 19, 2007

When Forces Collide

We went to visit Chikoy's doc yesterday for our long overdue immunization schedule. (Thank the government for yearend bonus! ) Based on our experience, it usually takes at least two hours of waiting time before getting served. And so the plan was we eat early lunch then head for the clinic.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one with a plan, flocks of mommies with children in tow came almost the same time as we did. There were already 28 early birds waiting to be served before us and the doc just got in!

A "Notable" Interruption
A drug company had this irritatingly creative way of promoting their products to the people in the waiting room: get a free balloon for every purchase of bundled vitamins! The balloons were in bright orange screaming "take me home! take me home!" A very, very good marketing strategy, I should say, resulting to kids in the room jumping up and about, whining and throwing tantrums pushing their guardians to buy whatever the reps were selling in order to get a balloon! Tskato na bala?

Lucky for them I wasn't around during their sales pitch, else I would have lashed out on them! Indirectly of course, with a little bit of sarcasm. Because I wasn't around, our nanny got a boink on the head after Chikoy hit him with his toy car as she made an alibi for not buying. A desperate act which ended in remorse, tears and sleep. Hehehe, and the nanny had to deal with it all by herself! (I'm so evil!)

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