Saturday, December 15, 2007


Chikoy's classmate was diagnosed with alopecia. According to wikipedia:

Alopecia is the loss of hair on the body. It should be distinguished from baldness, which is the lack of hair, including contexts where that absence is intentional.
Her pedia said that she's losing hair due primarily to stress because of the impact of recent events at home - her dad's not coming home for Christmas, her grandma who's been her psuedo-nanny, migrated to the US and her siblings, given the wide age gap are not giving her the companionship that she needs. The little girl's been eating scantly and has developed violent tendencies at play. Her mom's been trying to double up on the love and affection, showering her with gifts to make her feel special. Must have been very difficult being the center of attention and losing all the people that you love all at the same time.

Which makes me rethink my plans of working abroad. Should I stay of should I go?


  1. I used to have alopecia areata. may gamay nga parte sang scalp ko ang wala natubuan buhok. siling sang mga mal-am, suhot kuno, dapat ipalantaw sa surewano kay may mga insecto kuno nga nakasulod sa dalungan, te dapat nga sulsugon ang imo dalunggan. but i did some research over the net. and i learned that it was alopecia areata, ginconfirm ko na lang sa dermatologist nga bulong nga minoxidil ang katapat. dapat nga i-treat kay nagalapad. siling nila isa gid man sa mga causes ang stress, pero kis-a sa genes man guro. kag auto-immune disease eh.

  2. i used to know someone with the same case as yours, worse kay babayi siya. kung matabo na ya guro sa akon, mapakalbo na lang ko, hehehehhe. feeling G.I. Jane.


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