Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Facing your Fears

I ABHOR accounting! It's one of the things that I never grew to like in my years of formal schooling, much so now that I am already working. To my misfortune, accounting finds its way into all the aspects of my life. I remember running away from accounting courses in college. I made sure that my cognate didn't require me to take any. But then I enrolled in graduate school and I was made to take a crash course in accounting and yes, I would have flunked the subject had I not been the good and diligent student that I was. I tell you though, I committed all the common errors in accounting in all the tests that I took! I aced my statistics subjects but couldn't even get my journal entries right. What's wrong with me?

I just remembered all that today after I, again, committed another accounting blunder. This time, it involved lots of cash. Turns out the Excel file containing the funding requirement that I need for my program up to the end of the year was missing some links! The amount I submitted was short of 78k. As in! I grew numb, almost fainting! Shwet! Head Office will kill me. I was already hyperventilating, not knowing what to do. Last year, we caused them some shortage problem, now we're doing it again. I wanted to evaporate right there and then.

It's a good thing I came to my senses! I gathered my thoughts and made sense out of the figures in front of me. Either I bring the matter to their attention now or I just quit my job and let them deal with it. Good thing I chose the first option.

So there I was, hands clammy, heading towards the admin office straight to our budget officer's desk. Nang, daw may problema gid ako mo.... (Ate, may problema po ako).

Then I explained how I could have missed the links. I was bracing myself for the first brew of anger, but I didn't get it. Our budget officer was more intent on finding a solution to the problem rather than dwelling on my mistake.

We called the head office and explained to them what happened. Again, I readied myself for the curses and frustrated remarks, but there was none. Like the former, the efforts were into the solution not the cause of the problem.

Shwet! As in! Amo gid to ya? Feeling ko gatihin ako. Kalaw-ay gali sang feeling na the whole day ga hulat ka sang akig nga kadugay gd mag tupa. Nagpuli na lang ako wala gd nag abot ang ginahulat ko nga pangla-it, just the kindest words from head office, telling me not to do it again and to be more careful the next time around. Hay.... salamat gd! kay basi nagwawaw na ko kung naakigan pa ako! Man silingan na indi ko ya magkapyot sang numbers pro! Gina-challenge niyo gid ko! Hehehehhe....Mayo lang lakas pa ko kay Lord!


  1. tanan nga nakabatun na sang bonus, laban gid sa good mood subong.

  2. daw amo gid na guro ang natabo hehehehe.


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