Thursday, December 27, 2007

Little Women

I had the time of my life sitting by the registration table during our recently concluded Christmas party. I sat with two women who served with me and entertained me with their little stories of home.

Nellie's been entertaining plans of going to the US after being taunted by her brother to take the long overdue vacation she's planned many years ago. After giving it a thought, she finally mustered the courage to tell her mom about it, to which she got an unexpected nod! And then hours later, while they were preparing to eat lunch, she said, "Kung magpa-America ka, kung mapatay ako mapuli ka man ha?" (pag nasa America ka na at mamatay ako, uuwi ka ha?) Ay te?

Janna's not getting enough sleep these days because of her teenage boy who choose to give her more problems than she can handle. The hubby's abroad so the boy must be yearning for the father-image that's why. One time when she was very very angry she threatened to send his son away to his father's folk in Luzon, "Sige, kay malayas ako di, mayo man na nga wala ka na bata!" (Sige, at lalayas ako, mabuti na yun para wala ka nang anak!. Amo na gid na ya ang mga kabataan subong?

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