Friday, December 21, 2007

'Tis the Reason to be Angry, tra la la la la la la la la

Two things ticked me off today. The first one is the office making me explain why I had to avail of an emergency leave. Hwat? Bago yan ah! Even the lady who's computing our leave credits was surprised of this new policy from upstairs. To spite them, I took my leave application form from HR and wrote an explanation about it.

My househelp went home because her grandmother was hospitalized hence I had to be absent from work because no one was left to take care of my son and my husband's two aunts left at home.
There! Happy?

The second one would have to be my encounter with the counter-lady at the fast craft ticketing office. There was a frantic mood in the ticket booth, everybody wanted something: refund a ticket, rebook a ticket, buy a ticket. It was already getting dark and everybody was getting more impatient as the time went by. And then, when it was my turn to be served, the counter-lady stood up and announce that she's closing her window already because she's tired and she's not even getting any additional pay for the overtime. What the...... Tama ba yun? I raised my voice and pointed out that I was the last person in line and how come nobody ever said anything about closing down, why just now? I insisted that I should be served. She never did... but she was kind enough to pass me on to the lady on the next counter who was finishing up. Dang! that was close!

Of the two, the second ticked me off more, from the exhaustion for the most part. I couldn't really blame the counter-lady for being tired and underpaid but when you are in the service sector, there is this thing they call courtesy, you know, and you should live by it!

As for the office, well, I'm not surprised about how these new policies crop up from time to time. Some fickle-minded whimsy's mind is just being tickled again. Hopeless case.

There, I got it off my chest! Now I can go to sleep! Ciao!

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