Saturday, January 05, 2008

7 Gifts

What I got for Christmas:

1 grocery pack raffled off by our coop. would have wanted to win one of the pillows or maybe the electric fan. sige na lang gani, this is better than nothing no?

2 shirts: one from the mil the other from the mother, may paaman pa na 3 ka undies!

3 gifts from the office: meringue from an officemate, pillow cases from the boss and ice pint from my manita.

5 gifts from abroad: soap bars from my supervisor from her trip to the US, key chain, soap and Swarovski earrings courtesy of the cousins from Singapore and Kuwait and the Elizabeth Taylor perfume from the Canadian cousin.

7 pants and 6 blouses from the hubby's aunt. they're HMDs (hand-me-downs) actually. Auntie said I choose from the loot sent by the aunt from Manila who changed her wardrobe recently. Whatever will be left will be given to missionaries. To make myself feel a little less guilty about wanting everything, I left behind the Calvin Klein denim and two other dresses. I'm so evil! Pati ka na, indi man to kaigo sa ila nga mag-ulutod amo na nga nahidumduman ko nila na tagaan, hehe. Kis-a man lang ni a, galing daw indi na ko kaliwat LOL!

Kulang 4 haw... care to complete my list? hehehe!

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